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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Are you able to work on existing websites?

    Yes we are! If you know the necessary information for us to access your existing site, piece of cake. Otherwise, we do offer to transfer your domains to our servers and work on it as if the site was originally built by us.

  • Do you build sites that I (the client) can update?

    Yes we do! We almost exclusively design using the content management system known as Joomla, but can take on work with Wordpress or Drupal as well. Each of these systems allows for clients to have access and update nearly all of the information in a program similar to a word processor. Don't worry, we give you training as well!

  • How long before a site you are building for us is live on the web?

    A. That truly depends. We want your site up and reaching new customers as fast and efficiently as you do, and sometimes, we need to rely on you as well. If you help us by providing as much content or information as possible, the quicker it goes! As web developers, we don't know all the marketing nuances for your individual business (plumbing, jeweler, grocer, etc), so we look to you for some guidance. At the very least, we're hoping for some kind of marketing keywords that really drive business in your industry.

  • Am I able to see my project as it is being created?

    A. Absolutely! We want you involved in the process every step of the way. We create an area for you to go and see as your project is being worked on, available to you as soon as we have gotten an approved design from you. Once the design is up on the web and operational, we get you a link. On the main part of your domain, or dot com, we put up an under construction page allowing customers to at least be able to reach out to you if you start to advertise your new site early.

  • Where can we see more of your work?

    A. Click here for websites, and here for any other marketing materials.

  • Can I be a part of the Pixelab Designs' team?

    A. At this point in time, we are not accepting any employees. We are sorry!

  • What's it like to be as awesome as you guys are?

    A. Beyond awesome! It's like we leave sparkles everywhere we go!

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