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Corporate Identity

Interested in logo design, business cards, flyers, advertisements, envelopes or more? Look no further than Pixelab Designs

Corporate Identity

Corporate identity can meet a lot of things to different people, but here at Pixelab Designs, it means anything and everything to help your company be recognized. Just starting out and need a logo - we can help! Looking for a new business card or just a redesign of your current card - perfect! You could also be looking for some new stationary, envelopes, invoice design, etc - Pixelab Designs would be happy to be of service to you. Here are some things to look at and think about for your next corporate identity project.

Your logo and colors

Some companies are well known for just their symbol (Nike, adidas, Mercedes) while other companies make use of text based designs (eBay, CNN, Disney). Are you looking more of a symbol or text? Maybe a combination of the two?

Another thing to think about with your logo is do you have preference of color(s)? Certain colors mean different things across the globe so you should at least consider your market when thinking about colors. If you are designing a new logo for a skate park, using a more soothing blue tone may not be the color you want, but a shocking orange would different grab some attention. It all has to do with your market and target audience.

Business cards

These are sometimes the first way to get your company information in front of a prospective customer. Things to think about here are use of logo and colors, the amount of information you want conveyed on the card, and if you should make it two-sided or not. Sometimes the information on one side of the card never even gets seen!

Another topic of discussion for business cards includes the use of QR codes. QR codes are similar to barcodes in that they hold information that can be read by most all of today's smartphone and camera technology. QR codes can bring a customers phone right to your website, store your contact card on the phone, even dial your number so all your customer has to do is hit "call." They are very convenient, but only truly usable by customers with smartphones. Consider your target market when you decide on the use of QR codes on your business card.

Flyers & other forms of advertisements

Some times, it takes a good flyer to catch someone's attention, whether it is for an existing customer group, or prospective customers. Pixelab Designs can help you not only get their attention, but keep it! 

Flyers aren't the only thing that we can help you out with. We've done newspaper ads, brochures, even billboards! You have customers everywhere, we want to help you reach them! We are even up to tackle some cutting edge marketing ideas that aren't out there yet. We would love to hear your ideas.

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