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Additional Web Services

When a website isn't quite what you are looking for!

Additional Web Services

But wait - THERE'S MORE! Already have a website and need some networking help? Just want a Facebook page? Let Pixelab Designs come up with the perfect solution to all your needs!

Facebook Fan or Business Page

Facebook fan pages are used to promote your brand, company, products and services to those interested in them. Make use of Facebook to reach over a billion people all with a few words, pictures or a simple share. Pixelab Designs can help put together a marketing solution to help you tread the waters of Facebook and their growing population!

We can also help by managing your Facebook account for you! We will work in conjunction with you and your marketing plans to get the word out and continue your growth. Pixelab Designs and you - working towards the same goals!

Facebook Covers

Your Facebook cover is just like your brick and mortar storefront, it is your first impression. It needs to be eye-catching, memorable and compel people to stick around to check things out. Pixelab Designs has helped businesses create a uniform look to work with their current branding and wants to help you do the same!

Twitter Backgrounds

We know you've heard of tweets and hashtags, but that's not all Twitter has to offer. When it comes to gaining followers and traction in this social network, being witty and having a great page background design work wonders. We can help you create an appropriate design for just that purpose!

Social Networking Assistance

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