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Our Development Process

This is how we get from Point A, to Point B - all with you by our side!

Our Development Process

We've taken a moment to give you a start to finish, step by step process for you to look at. This should make websites a little less intimidating.

Your FREE Consultation

Before the website even begins, we sit down with you and go over some key items including what does your company do? who is your customer base? who are your competitors? what do you want to have on your site? This begins the very framework for your future site. At this point, we give you a quote for the site and estimated date of site launch.

Design Concept

Once the quote is approved, we move onto the concept stage. We take all the information gathered from the consultation and create a site mock up. We take into account all the things that were discussed in the consultation and create a user-friendly site that reflects your business and customer. Once completed, we send you a way to preview the design to get approval for site creation.

Site Creation - Content & Development

Once the concept is approved, we begin to put the functionality and content into the site. It is at this point that you (the client) begins to send us copy to use on your site. Starting with your copy, we work with it to make it as search engine friendly while still advertising/marketing your business the way you envisioned. Not only do you want to look and sound professional, but you have to be able to be found when a customer doesn't necessarily know you are out there. This is where Search Engine Optimization comes in and we take care of that for you!

In the meantime, you are still able to see your website via the preview link from the concept stages. We want our clients to feel safe and secure about the work being done and we try to be as transparent about the work as possible. You (the client) are never left out of the process.

Site Preview
Once all the content and functionality is put into your site, we notify you of its completion. From there, we typically like to meet and go through the site as a double-check to make sure everything is there. Some clients love to sit down and do this on their own time, providing the changes or information via email, some would rather sit down and go through it in person. It's completely up to you.

If changes are desired, we go through and take care of those for you. Then we do another quick preview of the changes.

Site Launch

Once the site has been prepped and given the okay by you (the client), the website is set live for the world to see!

Search Engine Optimization

After the site has been set live, we finalize the search engine optimization process by working on search engine friendly URLs, keywording, submitting your site to applicable search engines and so much more. This is a step we take for all of our website clients to help ensure they get found by current and prospective customers alike.

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